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Coping after surgery

Post-operative support

Learning to live with bariatric surgery takes time. The early stages are focused on learning what and how much to eat, and how your body responds differently to food, so it is essential that you have help from a specialist dietitian to guide you through this. But adjusting to such a significant change in body size, including the way that others relate to you, the way that emotions need to be managed differently to avoid snacking, as well as managing social eating and celebrations can be challenging. Added to this is the fact that life doesn't stop, we continue to manage the demands and stresses of life which can sometimes get in the way of our focus.

At Verve Health Group we provide access to surgeons, dietitians and psychologists after your surgery.

Had surgery a while ago and need support?

It can sometimes be hard to maintain focus and attention when you have had surgery a while ago. Everyone can benefit from an opportunity to regroup. Perhaps you know where old habits have returned or perhaps you feel uncertain what needs to change. Booking to see one of our team is a good starting point. We can provide the support you need.

Worried about weight regain?

Most people will experience some weight fluctuation in the years after bariatric surgery. Our team will work with you to understand what may be causing difficulty for you and to develop a plan to make change.

Had surgery abroad?

We support people who have had their surgery abroad and have not had access to the learning needed to manage life after surgery.

Urgent care

If you have an acute medical problem seek advice from your GP first. Our consultant bariatric surgeons will be able to assess if there is a problem with your bariatric surgery but you are likely need specialist investigations that may be best provided through the NHS.

If the problem is urgent, phone 111 to discuss attending A&E or phone 999 for an ambulance.

Struggling with how you feel about your body after weight loss?

Many people experience loose or excess skin after significant weight loss. This can be difficult to adjust to and can sometimes lead to difficulties with self-esteem, confidence and social anxiety.

How we can help

  • Surgical - if you have concerns about your surgery or want to consider revision surgery, speak to one of our surgeons.
  • Nutritional - Re-focusing on nutrition can be extremely helpful after surgery to help you to shape your eating habits. Our dietitians can help you with this.
  • Emotional wellbeing and psychological support - The impact of bariatric surgery can often feel challenging whether you have recently had surgery or you are many years out, our psychologist will be able to help you work through these issues.
  • Workshops - we have developed workshops specifically to focus on living well after surgery where you will link with others who have had surgery.