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Medicative weight loss

Many people regain weight after dieting. This leads to feeling frustrated and a sense of failure.

Weight regain is not because you lack willpower!

Losing weight causes changes in your body that make you feel hungry and less satisfied after eating.

Perhaps after weight loss surgery you have noticed an increase in your hunger over time?

Medicative weight loss

Medicative weight loss

Medication to help your body lose weight, without the battle.

If this sounds familiar, medication can be the missing piece of the puzzle and help your body feel more comfortable about losing weight, instead of fighting against you.

If your BMI is 30 or over, medication for weight loss may be suitable for you.

This once-a-week injection is associated with an average total body weight loss of 10%.

Lose on average 15-20% of your weight with a once-a-week injection.

We provide tailored support from experienced clinicians in addition to medication to optimise your results. Our specialist team has over 10-years’ experience working with this class of GLP-1 medication.

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