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Offering a gold-standard approach to weight loss that is underpinned by a holistic and caring multidisciplinary team.

We provide support across the South West and Wales with clinics in Bristol, Bath and Newport, and we're dedicated to helping people lose weight and lead healthier lives.

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Introducing Verve Health Group

Introducing Verve Health Group

We understand that the control of bodyweight is a complex but largely genetic issue, and that losing weight can be extremely difficult and demoralising.

We can help with weight loss interventions and provide transformational changes for people living with obesity.

Weight loss surgery

Experts in delivering world class care for surgical patients

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The Allurion Programme

Take care of your hunger with the Allurion Balloon

Medication for weight loss

Weight loss intervention tailored for you


A happier, healthier life. Providing a comprehensive approach to lifestyle management.

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Managing Emotional Triggers for Over Eating
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Meet the team at Verve Health Group

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Mr Alan Osborne

Mr Alan Osborne

Consultant Surgeon

Specialising in weight loss and bariatric surgery

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Mr James Hewes

Mr James Hewes

Consultant Surgeon

Specialising in obesity and bariatric surgery

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Dafydd Wilson-Evans

Dafydd Wilson-Evans

Specialist Dietitian & Practitioner

Specialising in obesity, bariatric surgery, weight management and diabetes

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Mr Hari Nageswaran

Mr Hari Nageswaran

Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon

Specialising in the upper gastrointestinal tract with particular interest in obesity and metabolic surgery

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Mr Dimitri Pournaras

Mr Dimitri Pournaras

Clinical Lead for Bariatric Surgery at North Bristol NHS Trust

Specialising in complex revisional (re-do) bariatric surgery

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Dr Vanessa Snowdon-Carr

Dr Vanessa Snowdon-Carr

Clinical Psychologist

Specialising in obesity, bariatric surgery and weight management

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Jeanette Lamb

Jeanette Lamb

Registered Dietitian


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"There is nothing that I can say needs improvement - from start to finish I have received amazing care and I cannot find one fault."

"Not only leading healthier lives, but much happier ones. The Verve team, and especially Mr Osborne, have totally changed my life for the better, in all sorts of ways that I had never imagined, since October 2022, and I cannot thank them enough."

"They ensure that you are making an informed choice at every step of the way. You feel like you are making the journey together."

"Available out of office hours for information and support when needed as well as encouraging and motivating."

"From the very get-go Verve were amazing. My initial consultation with Mr Osborne left me feeling so comfortable and at ease. I knew from then, should all go well I knew Alan would take great care of me."

"My appointments with Dafydd (Dietician) and Vanessa (Psychologist) were incredible. Again, I was immediately at ease, all my questions were answered. All of these appointments made me realise I'd made the right decisions in choosing Verve Health Group to support me on this journey.”

Accreditation & Membership

General Medical CouncilI Want Great CareAssociation of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons of Great Britain and IrelandBritish Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society Royal College of SurgeonsNational Bariatric Surgery Registry